Contact: Lisa Provance

727 Howard Street

Brownsville, Pennsylvania 15417

Wild About Dance Competition, LLC. Leap into a NEW experience with Wild About Dance Competition! Now under new ownership with Lisa Provance. She has been passionate about dance her whole life and takes great joy in offering a platform to showcase the talented dancers. We are a cutting edge dance experience. Offering a modernistic approach to the dance competition scene with sophistication and professionalism. Our judges are among the top professionals in the dance industry. Join Wild About Dance Competition in 2020 and get ready to Conquer the Dance Stage! We are WILD about dance and can’t wait to share our competitions with you 2020! There are cash prizes awarded at every event, scholarships and studio owner perks. Be sure to check out our TOUR SCHEDULE and then head on over to our website to REGISTER! See you on the stage!

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