Platinum Performance Plus was started by a group of professional performers turned dance educators who love giving every opportunity possible to children and teenagers who have a love of the arts! While judging, coaching, and choreographing for various studios, teams, and competitions around the Midwest, the P3 staff applied their 20+ years of professional experiences as learning opportunities. We listened to the parents and performers, and learned what is most fun and memorable from a competition. P3 prides itself on providing a safe and fun learning environment, while promoting family morals and teamwork. We run our events as a “professional show” type atmosphere with special lighting, fog machines, and one of a kind photography and video. Each performer will have the unique opportunity to enter and exit stage in a black out.

Event Type Location Venue Distance Start Date End Date
Competition Pittsburgh, PA TBA 320 mi 02/28/2025 03/02/2025
Competition Columbus, OH TBA 470 mi 04/25/2025 04/27/2025
Competition Charlotte, NC TBA 530 mi 03/21/2025 03/23/2025
Competition Indianapolis, IN TBA 650 mi 03/14/2025 03/16/2025
Convention Northlake, IL Midwest Conference Center 730 mi 10/19/2024 10/19/2024
Competition Chicago, IL TBA 730 mi 04/25/2025 04/27/2025
Competition Davenport, IA TBA 860 mi 03/07/2025 03/09/2025
Competition St Louis, MO The Touhill Performing Arts Center 880 mi 01/24/2025 01/26/2025
Convention St. Louis, MO HIlton St Louis Airport 880 mi 10/05/2024 10/05/2024
Competition Altamonte Springs, FL Cynthia Berry Ted Douce PAC (Lake Brantley HS) 930 mi 04/04/2025 04/06/2025
Nationals Altamonte Springs, FL Cynthia Berry Ted Douce PAC (Lake Brantley HS) 930 mi 06/26/2025 06/29/2025
Competition Memphis, TN TBA 950 mi 05/02/2025 05/04/2025
Convention St Paul, MN Saint Paul River Centre 1 Thousand mi 10/20/2024 10/20/2024
Competition Des Moines, IA TBA 1 Thousand mi 02/14/2025 02/16/2025
Competition Shakopee, MN Shakopee High School Performing Arts Center 1 Thousand mi 04/11/2025 04/13/2025
Competition Shakopee, MN Shakopee High School Performing Arts Center 1 Thousand mi 03/14/2025 03/16/2025
Competition Liberty, MO Liberty Performing Arts Theatre 1.1 Thousand mi 04/11/2025 04/13/2025
Competition Little Rock, AR TBA 1.1 Thousand mi 03/28/2025 03/30/2025
Nationals Kansas City, MO Kansas City Music Hall 1.1 Thousand mi 07/09/2025 07/13/2025
Competition Kansas City, MO TBA 1.1 Thousand mi 05/09/2025 05/11/2025
Convention Overland Park, KS Overland Park Convention Center 1.1 Thousand mi 10/06/2024 10/06/2024
Competition Lawrence, KS The Lied Center - Lawrence, KS 1.1 Thousand mi 03/07/2025 03/09/2025
Competition Omaha, NE TBA 1.2 Thousand mi 03/21/2025 03/23/2025
Competition Sioux Falls, SD Washington Pavillion 1.2 Thousand mi 02/21/2025 02/23/2025
Convention Wichita, KS Hyatt Regency Wichita 1.3 Thousand mi 11/02/2024 11/02/2024
Competition Wichita, KS TBA 1.3 Thousand mi 05/02/2025 05/04/2025
Competition Oklahoma City, OK Northwest Classen High School 1.3 Thousand mi 03/28/2025 03/30/2025
Convention Oklahoma City, OK Champion Convention Center 1.3 Thousand mi 11/03/2024 11/03/2024
Competition San Marcos, TX TBA 1.5 Thousand mi 04/04/2025 04/06/2025

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