Industry Dance Challenge is a family owned corporation built off of strong morals and the love of performing arts. We pride ourselves in creating a safe, healthy, and happy environment for all who attend. Created by siblings Rocco and Gianna Notaro, Industry Dance Challenge takes an innovative approach to the ordinary dance competition by focusing on the well being and encouragement of all dancers that attend our events! We hope you'll join us in being a part of this experience that is sure to shock our industry.

Event Type Location Venue Distance Start Date End Date
Competition Somerset, NJ TBA 29 mi 03/28/2025 03/30/2025
Competition New Haven, CT TBA 70 mi 02/28/2025 03/02/2025
Competition Springfield, MA TBA 130 mi 04/04/2025 04/06/2025
Competition Lancaster, PA TBA 130 mi 01/31/2025 02/02/2025
Competition Albany, NY TBA 140 mi 02/21/2025 02/23/2025
Competition Columbus, OH TBA 470 mi 04/11/2025 04/13/2025


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