Contact: Jacob Flynn

921 E. Dupont Rd., Suite 247

Fort Wayne, Indiana 46825

We're thrilled to be entering into our 16th season of hosting the nation's premier talent on the In10sity stage from coast to coast! So what makes In10sity Dance different? For starters, each and every In10sity judging panel is comprised of the industry's most widely respected and knowledgeable adjudicators whose job it is to acknowledge excellence and provide constructive feedback in a way that empowers and encourages growth and development. Through the utilization of 3 different competitive classes, we ensure that every dancer will feel accomplished and rewarded regardless of competitive tenure or ability level. At each regional event we offer unforgettable experiences and opportunities such as: *In10se Improv Competition* *Con10der Title Program* *Qualified adjudicators* *Friendly and helpful staff* *And much more!

Event Type Location Venue Distance Start Date End Date
Nationals Lake Buena Vista, FL Hilton Lake Buena Vista 950 mi 06/24/2024 06/30/2024