Dynamic Performance Challenge (DPC) is a competition that hit the stage in 2021! We are here to provide an exceptional experience for all studio owners and teachers by creating an unforgettable event to help their aspiring dancers grow and pursue their dreams. A huge goal for us is to have everyone leave each venue excited to attend the next DPC event. We strive on positivity, and it is guaranteed from all staff members involved with DPC. We want studios to create memories with us, which is just one reason why we are here to give back in every way possible! This includes DPC Icons, various cash awards, dynamic stand out awards, dynamic dollars, donation options and more!

Event Type Location Venue Distance Start Date End Date
Competition Cedar Grove, NJ Cedar Grove High School 15 mi 03/15/2024 03/17/2024
Competition Torrington, CT Warner Theatre 88 mi 03/08/2024 03/10/2024
Nationals Groton, CT Mystic Marriott Hotel and Spa 110 mi 06/23/2024 06/26/2024
Competition Schenectady, NY Union College 150 mi 02/23/2024 02/25/2024
Competition Worcester, MA North High School 160 mi 04/05/2024 04/07/2024
Convention Woburn, MA Hilton Boston Woburn 190 mi 10/27/2024 10/27/2024
Competition Colchester, VT Colchester High School 270 mi 05/10/2024 05/12/2024
Competition Sanborn, NY Niagra County Community College 300 mi 03/22/2024 03/24/2024
Competition Ambridge, PA Ambridge Area High School 330 mi 04/12/2024 04/14/2024
Competition Canton, OH Mckinley High School 390 mi 03/01/2024 03/03/2024
Competition Loris, SC Loris High School 530 mi 05/03/2024 05/05/2024
Competition Palm Beach Gardens, FL William T Dwyer High School 1 Thousand mi 04/26/2024 04/28/2024


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