Dance Machine competitions and Conventions are designed for every level of dance and studio size. We pride ourselves on running a fair, organized, honest, and exciting competition for the dancer, teacher, and parent. We offer over 20 Categories and are home to the America’s Mister and Miss Dance Titles Competition. Our entry fees are very competitive in the industry. We offer Seven Age Divisions, Three Competition Levels, Video Critiques from all three judges, and our rating system is designed to encourage each performer. Dancers and Studio will receive FREE Photo & Video of Every Routine they perform. Our Philosophy: Competition is not about “beating out others” but improving yourselves, appreciating what you have learned and acknowledging others accomplishments, everything else is icing on the cake. Join us for our 21st Season.

Event Type Location Venue Distance Start Date End Date
Nationals Greensboro, NC The Carolina Theatre 450 mi 06/19/2024 06/23/2024
Nationals Wilkesboro, NC John A Walker Center @ Wilkes Community College 500 mi 07/18/2024 07/20/2024
Nationals Sevierville, TN Sevierville Convention Center 620 mi 07/09/2024 07/13/2024

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