Contact: Charleen Fantasma

418 NW Briarcliff CT

Kansas City, Missouri 64116

F: (816) 455-1454

Competing at Dance Champs is an exhilarating experience marked by a unique blend of talent, artistry, and a tight-knit community. Dance Champs provides a stage where dancers not only showcase their skills but also immerse themselves in a supportive and family-oriented environment. From the electrifying performances to the shared moments of camaraderie, Dance Champs offers participants an unforgettable journey that goes beyond the spotlight, shaping their dance narratives in a meaningful way. We offer our dancers the opportunity to shine on our stage, building self esteem, confidence, and personality. Dance Champs provides an educational and fun environment, cash prizes and beautiful awards, positive and helpful critiques, and beautiful facilities. Come join our DC Family!

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