Collide Dance Experience is traveling to 11 cities for regionals. Nationals held on the beautiful island of San Juan, Puerto Rico. All Studio Owners attend free. CDE highlights & recognizes all small & large studios. Collide accepts independent dancers. CDE offers opportunities such as 10 Intensive classes, competing solo, Duet/Trio & Group, “Dance Of The Year” Title Competition, Global Talent Pageant, and Improv Competition. All Photos and Videos are free. Our teachers and judges are knowledgeable. All registered participants perform at The Collide Awards. Collide thrives to bring out the best in each participant with an experience like no other. Powered by Collide Talent Productions, Collide Dance Experience hopes you will join us for 2024. Reservations are now open. Visit our website for more information.

Event Type Location Venue Distance Start Date End Date
Competition & Convention Queens, NY TBA 5.2 mi 03/15/2024 03/17/2024
Competition & Convention Baltimore, MD TBA 170 mi 03/08/2024 03/10/2024
Competition & Convention Boston, MA TBA 190 mi 03/22/2024 03/24/2024
Competition & Convention Virginia Beach, VA TBA 290 mi 02/23/2024 02/25/2024
Competition & Convention Cleveland, OH TBA 400 mi 04/12/2024 04/14/2024
Competition & Convention Charlotte, NC TBA 530 mi 02/16/2024 02/18/2024
Competition & Convention Indianapolis, IN TBA 650 mi 05/03/2024 05/05/2024
Competition & Convention Chicago, IL TBA 710 mi 04/19/2024 04/21/2024
Competition & Convention Atlanta, GA TBA 740 mi 02/09/2024 02/11/2024
Competition & Convention Orlando, FL TBA 930 mi 01/26/2024 01/28/2024
Competition & Convention Houston, TX Omni Houston Hotel 1.4 Thousand mi 01/19/2024 01/21/2024

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