From the creators of The Royal Dance Competition, we present to you Beast Dance Competition! A whole new competition experience coming in 2025. After years of planning, we are thrilled to finally debut BEAST for its inaugural tour. When it comes to our events, we always have strived to host them with you in mind. TRDC’s competition experience has become a standard that thousands of dancers, teachers, directors, & dance families have come to love. Why settle for this experience only once a season? Beast Dance Competition will offer a completely new vibe and energy to the competition scene, but will keep TRDC’s values at heart. We welcome all to come and experience BEAST next season. All genres of dance, all studio sizes, and of course all dancers brave enough to encounter the BEAST!

Event Type Location Venue Distance Start Date End Date
Competition Long Island, NY TBA 44 mi 04/04/2025 04/06/2025
Nationals TBA, NJ TBA 53 mi 07/07/2025 07/13/2025
Competition Toms River, NJ TBA 54 mi 03/21/2025 03/23/2025
Competition Poughkeepsie, NY TBA 68 mi 05/02/2025 05/04/2025
Competition Hartford, CT TBA 100 mi 03/14/2025 03/16/2025
Competition Lancaster, PA TBA 130 mi 04/25/2025 04/27/2025
Competition Albany, NY TBA 140 mi 03/28/2025 03/30/2025
Nationals TBA, MA TBA 200 mi 07/14/2025 07/20/2025


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