We would just like to take a moment to say thank you so much from Team AXIS. We are excited to have you experience our fun, new, innovative competition. AXIS is dedicated to creating great memories that will leave you inspired and driven to be the best dancer you can be. We know you are passionate, dedicated and work really hard all year, which puts a smile on our face. So we promise that you will leave with that same smile! Come and experience AXIS Dance Competition, where Passion meets Talent!

Event Type Location Venue Distance Start Date End Date
Competition Coraopolis, PA Cornell School 320 mi 02/21/2025 02/23/2025
Competition Billings, MT Billings Hotel and Convention Center 1.8 Thousand mi 02/15/2025 02/16/2025
Convention Albuquerque, NM Marriott Albuquerque 1.8 Thousand mi 09/14/2024 09/14/2024
Competition Farmington, NM San Juan College 1.8 Thousand mi 03/15/2025 03/16/2025
Competition Washington, UT Crimson Cliffs High School 2.1 Thousand mi 01/31/2025 02/01/2025
Convention Nampa, ID Nampa Civic Center 2.2 Thousand mi 10/19/2024 10/19/2024
Competition Nampa, ID Nampa Civic Center 2.2 Thousand mi 02/27/2025 03/01/2025
Competition Las Vegas, NV Alexis Park Resort 2.2 Thousand mi 04/25/2025 04/27/2025
Convention Las Vegas, NV Alexis Park Resort 2.2 Thousand mi 09/29/2024 09/29/2024
Competition Carson City, NV Carson City Community Center 2.4 Thousand mi 02/08/2025 02/09/2025
Competition Corvallis, OR LaSells Stewart Center Austin Auditorium 2.5 Thousand mi 04/05/2025 04/06/2025
Competition Davis, CA Richard Brunelle Performance Hall 2.5 Thousand mi 01/24/2025 01/25/2025

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