Omega Dance Challenge
Brooklyn, NY - 05/04/2019



TBA, Brooklyn, NY, 11201

Event Type: Competition

Start Date: 05/04/2019

End Date: 05/05/2019

It is our mission to inspire and encourage young dancers while instilling self-confidence, self -awareness, self-respect and self-worth through the art of dance. Uncover your brilliance within and let your inner light shine!

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Event Type Location Venue Distance Start Date End Date
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Competition Long Island, NY TBA 2.1 mi 03/16/2019 03/17/2019
Competition Brooklyn, NY TBA 2.1 mi 05/04/2019 05/05/2019
Competition Allentown, PA TBA 77 mi 04/06/2019 04/07/2019
Competition Vineland, NJ TBA 100 mi 04/27/2019 04/28/2019
Competition Pittsburgh, PA TBA 320 mi 03/23/2019 03/24/2019


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