Dream Dance Competition events provide an environment that inspires dancers to reach toward their goals, and encourages them to perform at their very best. We believe that every opportunity a dancer has on stage is an asset to their dance education. We create a relaxed and fun atmosphere for competition and education. Our events are 1-2 days with no weekday schedules, and include master classes, improv opportunities, special “non-competitive” activities, and a general friendly approach to competition. Our staff is encouraging and professional, and includes full panels of judges from Impact Dance Adjudicators. We strive to provide a unforgettable experience that will encourage dancers to grow in their craft and follow their DREAMS!!!

Event Type Location Venue Distance Start Date End Date
Competition Manahawkin, NJ The Stafford Township Arts Center 71 mi 04/04/2020 04/05/2020
Competition West Hartford, CT Northwest Catholic High School 99 mi 04/25/2020 04/26/2020
Competition Worcester, MA North High School 160 mi 03/28/2020 03/29/2020
Competition Bellingham, MA Bellingham High School 160 mi 03/14/2020 03/15/2020
Competition Laurel, MD Laurel High School 190 mi 02/22/2020 02/23/2020


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