All Out Dance Competition
Long Island, NY - 04/09/2022



Long Island, New York, 11101

Event Type: Competition

Start Date: 04/09/2022

End Date: 04/10/2022

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We know you have a lot of dance competitions to choose from and you are probably thinking, why All Out? Here at All Out, we are putting our focus on creating a fun, positive, confidence-building environment where everyone can learn and grow, not just as artists, but as people by giving 100% effort and going All Out. We take pride in having an elite level, well-rounded faculty of judges. Some benefits of All Out: fully digital, video judge, marley floors, runs professionally and on time! We offer unique awards to allow numerous opportunities for competitors to be recognized, including: adjudicated awards, category placements, overall awards, titles, studio awards, special awards, cash prizes, and scholarship opportunities. We offer this in three different divisions (novice, intermediate, advanced), to keep it as competitive as it gets!

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