The All American Talent Awards has the distinct honor of being one of the pioneers in the industry as we proudly launch our 35th Anniversary Season. As a performer/instructor my vision was to design a program that would showcase developing talent bringing together students, families, instructors and celebrity professionals in an inspirational atmosphere of themes, costumes, choreography, performance and the spirit of achievement.

Event Type Location Venue Distance Start Date End Date
Competition East Rutherford, NJ Henry P Becton Regional High School 9.4 mi 04/18/2020 04/19/2020
Competition Fresh Meadows, NY St Francis Preparatory School 12 mi 04/17/2020 04/18/2020
Competition East Brunswick, NJ East Brunswick High School 28 mi 04/25/2020 04/26/2020
Competition Margate City, NJ Dr. Dominick A. Potena Performing Arts Center 99 mi 05/16/2020 05/17/2020
Competition Scranton , PA Scranton High School 99 mi 05/02/2020 05/03/2020
Nationals Cape May, NJ Paul Schmidtchen Theatre 130 mi 07/10/2020 07/12/2020
Competition Utica, NY The Stanley Theatre 180 mi 05/09/2020 05/10/2020


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