Who are we?
Our team is comprised of dancers, marketers, and developers all with a dance industry background. We have a passion not only for the industry, but for delivering information hassle free directly to you.

Why did we build this website?
We felt the industry needed a uniform way of finding dance competitions. With the decline of subscribers and the large expense of print advertising, we wanted to give dance competitions a new way of reaching out to studios and dancers.

What is competition equality?
In print advertising, only the biggest competitions with the largest budgets get the 2 page spread in the front of a magazine.
No matter how large or small, every competition has the opportunity to create the same profile with the same options to promote their competition. We also only offer banner advertising to non competitions and conventions. Our featured competition pages are completely randomized, each time someone visits the website, a different logo is shown on top. This gives each competition the same amount of exposure.

Why is my competition not listed?
Your competition may not be listed because a 2011 schedule was unavailable, or we may have missed your competition during our internet search. Contact your competition and tell them to get listed on DanceComps.com!

Why doesn't my competition have a profile?
Only featured competitions are allowed to have full profiles. Want to be a featured comp? Visit our Become a Featured Comp page.