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Gene Burdette

Address: P.O. BOX 6062
ELLICOTT CITY, MD 21042-6062
Phone: (888) 566-6787

Monsters Dance Conventions is the only all hip hop dance event, offering instruction from industry professionals and giving dancers real opportunities! Monsters Dance tours the country with its two-day dance workshops instructed by its world renowned faculty of choreographers, plus auditions for thousands of dollars in scholarships, seminars, performance opportunities, freestyle battles, and much more!

Washington, DC
Reston, VA - 2/23/18
A-List: Chicago, IL
Wheeling, IL - 3/9/18
A-List: Dallas, TX
Dallas, TX - 3/16/18
Santa Clara, CA
Santa Clara, CA - 3/23/18
A-List: New Brunswick, NJ
New Brunswick, NJ - 4/6/18
A-List: Orlando, FL
Orlando, FL - 4/13/18
A-List: Nashville, TN
Nashville, TN - 5/4/18
A-List: Vancouver, WA (Portland, OR)
Vancouver, WA - 5/11/18
'Monsters Unleashed' LA Tour Finale-Los Angeles, CA
Burbank, CA - 7/23/18
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