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Anne Roberts

Address: P.O. Box 947 Norfolk, MA 02056
Email: info@divacomps.com
Phone: (774) 319-9174
Website: http://www.divacomps.com/

Diva Dance Competition is America's LIVE JUDGING competition. The unique, live judging format provides dancers with a very educational, personalized competition experience. The opportunity to receive immediate feedback from the judges provides an instant, personal connection between the dancers and judges, making for a more intimate, classroom-like experience. The instant feedback also allows the dancers to apply their critiques immediately to their next routine and grow and improve as the day goes on. In addition, dancers will receive their award on stage immediately after their routine making for much shorter award ceremonies.

Hanover, PA
Hanover, PA - 4/20/18
Amesbury, MA (2)
Amesbury, MA - 4/27/18
Springfield, MA
Northampton, MA - 5/4/18
Madison, NJ
Madison, NJ - 5/11/18
Albany, NY
Albany (TBA), NY - 5/18/18
Nationals - Plymouth, MA
Plymouth, MA - 6/27/18
Nationals - Washington DC
Washington, DC - 7/11/18
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