Competitions A-Z

# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 
2 Days In OC 
24 Seven Dance Convention 
360 Cheer, Dance & Step Championships 
5678 Showtime Inc. 
7th Street Talent Productions 
8 National Talent Competition 
Access Broadway 
Act 1 Talent 
Addiction Dance Competition 
Adrenaline Dance 
Adrenaline Dance Rush 
All American Talent Awards  
America On Stage 
American All-Star, Inc. 
American Ballet Competition 
American Cheer & Dance Acadmey 
American Dance Alliance 
American Dance Awards National Finals 
Applause Talent Presentations 
Arizona Diamondbacks Dance Competition 
Artistic Dance INC. “Raising the Barre” 
Artists Simply Human: The Workshop Experience 
ASPIRE Dance Competition 
Aspire Dance Pro 
Backstage Performing Arts Competition 
Bedazzle Dance Competition 
Believe National Dance Competition 
Beyond The Stars National Dance Competition 
Boogie Fever USA 
BravO! National Dance & Talent Competition 
Breakthru Dance Challenge  
Camp Broadway 
Camp PULSE On Tour 
Can You Keep The Rhythm? Workshop 
Candance Competition 
Celebration Talent Competition 
Celebrity Dance Competitions 
Chicago Dance Connection 
Chicago National Assoc. of Dance Masters 
Chosen Talent Competition and Events 
Co. Dance 
COA Dance 
Coastal Corporation Cheer & Dance 
Contest of Champions Nationals 
Cre8tion Dance Convention  
Creation Dance Championships 
Crowd Pleasers 
CRU Dance 
Cutting Edge Dance Competition  
Dance America - Utah Dance Cheer Camps & Competitions 
Dance Canada Inc. 
Dance Championships 
Dance Champs 
Dance Champs Elite - LIVE! On-Stage Critiques 
Dance Educators of America 
Dance Expressions 
Dance Force Xpress 
Dance League 
Dance Machine ANDC  
Dance Makers, Inc. 
Dance Mania International 
Dance Masters of America 
Dance Olympus & Dance America 
Dance Out Competition 
Dance Ovations Performing Arts Competition 
Dance Revolution 
Dance Rouge 
Dance Showcase U.S.A. 
Dance The Magic 
Dance Troupe, Inc. 
Dance USA Performing Arts Championships® 
Dance Wave Competition 
Dance Xplosion 
Dance! The Convention Tour! 
Dancearchy: The Ultimate Dance Challenge 
Dancer Palooza 
Dancers Inc. 
DanceXtreme USA 
Dancing Dream Tour | Dance Intensives & Show Productions 
Diva Dance Competition 
Dream Dance Challenge 
Dream Team Dance Festival  
Dreamstar Productions 
Driven Dance Pit Competition 
Drop the Beat 
Dupree Dance Expo 
Eastern Dance Association 
Edge National Talent Competition 
Elevation On Tour 
Elite Dance Challenge 
Elite Dance Challenge Canada 
Elite Dance Cup 
Elite Performance Challenge 
Empire Dance Challenge Competition 
En Pointe and Just Dance 
Encore Dance Competition for the Stars 
Encore Performing Arts Showcase Inc. 
Encore Talent Productions 
Energy National Dance Competitions 
Epic Dance Showcase 
EpicStar Dance Challenge 
Excel in Motion Convention 
Extreme Talent Showcase 
Fierce National Dance Competition 
Fire and Ice Talent Competition 
Florida Cheer & Dance Association 
Florida Dance Masters, Inc. 
Flow 40 Dance Workshops 
Fluid Dance Conventions 
FORCE Dance Tour 
Fred Astaire Dance Studios 
Fury Dance Competition 
Fusion National Dance Competition 
Global Dance Tours 
Grand National Championships 
Groove Dance Competition 
Hall of Fame Dance Challenge 
High Demand Dance Competition 
Hip Hop International 
Hollywood Connection 
Hollywood Dance Experience 
Hollywood Dance Jamz 
Hollywood Vibe 
HTE Dance & Spirit Group 
Hype Dance Competition 
I Love Dance 
Ignite NY! Talent Competition 
Imagine National Dance Challenge 
Impact Dance Competition 
In Studio Dance 
In10sity Dance 
Inferno Dance Competition  
Inspire National Dance Competition 
International Dance Challenge 
Intrigue Dance Intensive 
JAMfest Cheer & Dance Events 
Jazz Dance World Congress 
Jump Dance Convention 
Just For Kix United We Dance 
Keepin the Beat 
Kids Artistic Revue National Dance Competition 
KMG Review 
L.A. Dance Magic 
League of Champions 
Leap! National Dance Competition 
Legacy Dance Championships 
Lets Get Loud! 
Luv 2 Dance Competiton 
MA Dance 
Manhattan Dance Project 
Mark of Excellence National Talent Competition 
Marquee Your Name In Lights 
Marvonna National Dance Competition 
MidWest Moves 
Midwest Starz 
Miss Dance Drill Team USA 
Mission Possible Dance Competition 
Monsters Of HipHop 
Move - The Ultimate Dance Competition 
Move Productions 
N-House Productions 
N.Y.L.A. Dance Conventions & Competitions 
National Dance Alliance 
National Dance Showcase 
New York City Dance Alliance 
New York Dance Experience 
New York State Dance Challenge 
Nexstar National Talent Competition 
Next LeveL Dance Competition 
NrG Dance and Cheer Productions 
NRG Dance Project 
NY-LA-NASH Entertainment LLC 
Odyssey Dance Competitions 
Omega Dance Challenge 
On Point National Dance Competition 
On Stage America 
One Rhythm Dance Convention 
Onstage New York 
Open Call 
Ovation Dance Challenge 
Ovation Dance Convention by Bravo! 
Pacific Coast Dance Fest 
Performing Arts Alliance 
Pick the Stars International, Inc. 
Platinum National Dance Competition 
Platinum Performance Plus 
Platinum Performing Arts Competition 
Power Dance 
Precision Arts Challenge 
PrimeTime Dance Competition  
Pulse Dance Competition - Canada 
Rainbow Connection Regional and National Dance 
Raw Talent Dance Competition 
Reaction Dance Force 
REAL Dance Competition 
Releve Dance Competition 
Reveal Dance 
Revel Dance Convention 
Revolution National Talent Competition 
Rhythms in Dance Inc. 
Rising Star Talent Productions 
Rival Dance Challenge 
Shake The Ground 
Sharp International 
Sheer Elite International 
Shine Dance Competition 
Shock presented by Star Systems  
Showbiz Talent 
Showmakers of America 
Soar Dance Convention 
Sophisticated Productions 
Soul De Soul Dance Convention 
Soul Escape the Intensive 
Southeast Showdown Dance Competition 
Spirit of Dance Awards Competition & Convention 
Spotlight Dance Cup 
Stage Door Talent Competition 
Stage One 
Stage One Productions 
Standing O Productions 
Star Beat Dance Champions 
Star Systems Talent 
Star Talent Productions 
Starbound National Talent Competition 
StarLand Productions 
Starpower Talent 
Starz Dance Competitions 
State Dance Championships 
Studio3 Performing Arts Convention 
Summerdanse Competition 
Symposium Talent Contest 
Synergy Dance Competition 
Take Centerstage Dance Challenge 
Talent Explosion 
Talent On Parade 
Tap 2 You 
Tap University's Totally Tap Workshop 
Team Dance Competition 
Terpsichore Dance Celebration 
That's Entertainment Performing Arts Competition 
The BEAT Dance Tour 
The Countdown Competition 
The Dance Awards 
The Dance Effect 
The Groove Experience 
The Hollywood Summer Tour 
The Movement Dance Competition 
The Power of Dance 
The PULSE on Tour 
The Royal Dance Competition 
The Streetz Dance Convention and Competition 
The Zoo by Nappytabs 
Throw Down Dance Challenge 
Thunderstruck Canada 
Thunderstruck Dance Productions 
Ticket To Broadway 
Titanium Dance Challenge 
Titans of Dance One-Day Intensive 
Top 10 Dance Challenge 
Tour De Force Dance Competition 
Tremaine Dance 
Tribute to Dance 
Triple S Dance Competition 
Triumph National Dance Competition 
True Talent 
True Talent Dance Competition 
Turn It Around Tour 
Turn It Up Dance Challenge 
Ultra Dance Competition 
United Dance Merchants of America 
United States Tournament of Dance 
USA Dance/Drill National 
Velocity Dance Convention 
View Dance Challenge 
VIP Dance 
West Coast Dance Explosion 
Wild Dance Competitions 
Wild Dance Intensive 
World Class Talent Experience 
World's Perfect Athlete 
Xtreme by Showbiz 
Youth America Grand Prix