Thank you for your interest in To give you a bit of a background, this website was started when we saw there was a huge need in the Dance Competition industry. Many studios were unaware of how many competitions were going on right in their backyard. Over the last 4 years we took it upon ourselves to seek out every competition and log all available schedules in order to create a Dance Comps Database. We officially launched this website on August 9th 2010 and have received an overwhelming amount of response from studios, teachers, dancers, competitions, and businesses.

We wanted to keep our subscriptions as affordable as possible knowing that the industry has taken a slight hit due to the economy. Being a full service marketing and design agency with a background in the dance industry we understand how print advertising can be extremely expensive and impossible to track, and created this great opportunity for all dance businesses and competitions.

All of our featued packages entitle you to one full year of advertising on That one year subscription starts the day we recieve your contract. Client is responsible for updating of profile, products, and information. will provide the Client with training on our easy to use admin system. Any person with basic internet and social network knowledge will have no issues learning how to use our system. Below is what you will get for a full year after signing up as a featured competition:

  • Profile Page
  • Login Information for Profile Page
  • Logo Displayed on Home page (A maximum of 8 logos will be displayed on Home page. Featured Logos positions and impressions are rotated evenly.)
  • Listing on Featured Comps Page
  • Updated Event Listings (Under Package 1 the Client is responsible for updating Listings)
  • Logo, Website, and E-mail Address on our E-blast. A minimum of 3 e-blasts will be sent, 1 in each month of August, September, and October.
  • Inclusion on our Suggested Competitions - When a user is looking at a non-featured event, if you have an event in that same area, we will reccomend your event to the user.

Time and time again we have proven that featured competitions tend to get a 10x-15x increase in profile visits when they become a featured competition! Featured Competition Magazine Ad Google Adwords
Flexibility & Updating

Instantly change your profile and events on the fly using our easy admin system.

Most magazines require your ad 2-3 months in advance to printing. All ads must be approved and take at least 24 hours to start campaigns.
Demographics We attract Studios, Teachers, and Dancers only. Simply because there isn't information for anyone else on our website. Inflated numbers and low readership make magazine demographics hard to track. Ads may be targeted to areas but not to specific people. A high bounce rate can be costly.
Analytics & Tracking We tracking EVERYTHING, see how many studios clicked on your events and visited your profile. Results are untrackable. A complex tracking system allows for analytics.
Ease of Use Updating your profile or events is easy, and someone is always available to assist you. Between design, tight deadlines and publishing magazine advertising can be very time consuming. Google's Complex system allows for flexibility but can be complicated with out proper training.
Subscription & Cost

$950 / 1 Year
Includes all Services and Features.

$9,000- $5,000 / 1 Month
Includes 1 color Full page ad. (Plus cost of ad design)

Recommended Cost:
$20/day x 365 = $7300 per year.
  • Profile
  • Logo on hompage
  • Featured Comps Listing
  • Updated Event Listings
  • Business Information on DanceComps E-blast (45,000+ subscribers)
1 Full Page ad for one month. 12 Months of Google Advertising.


Gone are the days of wasting valuable time and money blanketing large areas with postcards and untrackable magazine ads. Geotargeted Banner Advertising gives our clients the ability to focus their advertising budget on the exact location and demographic they are looking for.

How Geotargeting works: currently has banner advertising placed throughout our website with the ability to show specific ads to our users, based on their location. This gives competitions the ability to place a "We are coming to Houston, TX" ad to be seen by Houston and it's surrounding areas. Local "call to actions" which reference a city greatly increase the click through rate of the advertisement. Monthly click reports are available for each of your target locations upon request.

City & Area Positions: We have broken up each city into "positions" based on the traffic that area delivers to DanceComps. Each city has 1-8 positions, an area like Manhattan, NY has 8 available positions and a city comparable to Albuquerque, NM has 2 positions. A DanceComps rep can help you determine the amount of positions that are available in your target areas and cities.

Claiming Your Positions: Claiming your positions is on a first come first serve basis, and your position is not reserved until your contract has been submitted. A competition has the ability to become the sole advertiser in an area by purchasing all positions or will equally share the space with the owners of the other positions. Please call or e-mail us with which cities you are looking to target, a DanceComps Rep will let you know how many positions are available in each target city. Once your contract is submitted the amount of positions in that city and your position is locked in for one (1) full year of advertising. Upon expiration of the contract you will be given the ability to renew before the positions are offered to other advertisers. Positions in a city may increase if there are no active contracts for the positions in that city.

Ad Specifications: 300px W x 250px H - Please provide your banner in either JPEG, GIF, or Flash Animation. If you are planning on using Flash, please provide both a Flash Animation as well as a JPEG image for non-flash compliant devices. reserves the right to pull any overly distracting, misleading or offensive advertising. Rule of thumb: If you wouldn't want the ad on your own website, please do not ask us to place it on ours.


Looking to reach out directly to the studios? Our studio e-blast list contains over 2500+ studios and teachers waiting to hear from you. Our list has been grown organically and continues to grow each and every day!

How to use our blast list: Separate from our 50,000+ blast list, DanceComps has an organically grown list of over 2200 competition competing studios. All you need to do is supply us with graphics and information you want in the e-blast and we'll do the rest. The e-blast will be sent using a professional bulk e-mailer and has a 99% delivery rate. This ensures your e-mail reaches each and every studio on our list. To increase open and click through rate the e-mail will be delivered using a DanceComps header and e-mail address, to ensure the user that the information is coming from a reputable source. Two weeks post e-blast, a click and open report will be provided to the client for review. DanceComps allows a limited amount of e-mails per month, as we recommend scheduling all blasts in advance.

E-blast Specifications: Client will be responsible for providing graphics, and information for the e-blast. The e-blast is 800px wide with a maximum height of 2000px. DanceComps strongly recommends using a Call To Action such as a Promotion, Coupon, or Contest to increase user clicks. Our team will be available to assist with any questions or ideas regarding your e-blast promotion.


If you have any questions please feel free to reach us by e-mail at, phone 518-291-9616, or by filling out the form below.